Boot Camp

three days of training, coaching and roleplaying for Inexperienced or underperforming Sales People

Boot Camp is designed for inexperienced sales people or relatively new hired salespeople who are not succeeding as expected.

Boot Camp feels like boot camp. Your rookies will practice until they can execute as expected by you and by today’s demanding customer.

Putting a ten step process up on a flip chart is not training.

Bootcamp consists of “Tell them”, “Show them” “Make them do it until they get it right”. Then make them do it again.

Boot Camp will lower your turnover and increase your CSI.

Boot Camp is six hours a day of training, coaching and roleplaying. Your managers don’t have time nor would they be effective in this effort.

Right now your inexperienced salespeople are practicing with live ammo, your customers.

Core Sales Management

two day course To build better process throughout the sales department with Side by Side “Desk Manager” Coaching

The retail industry has gone through many changes over the past ten years.

Between the internet appointments and menu pricing, managers have lost sight of their role in the transaction.

The "pencil" is no longer the tool used to increase volume and gross. The "what have you got" desk operation is costing you both volume and gross every day that it continues.

Core Sales Management will focus on making sure the car is thoroughly sold before we print a menu or pencil a deal.

We will teach your managers to improve selling from stock, reducing locates, increasing your be-back percentage, how and when to intervene, how to support process in your sales department and as a result increase your sales and revenue.