Driving Conversion with Foundational Sales Training for a New Generation of Staff

Brian speaks with authority because he has run the systems and processes he advocates in many successful stores. He can customize solutions, teach them, coach them in real time and evaluate implementation and operations. Few people know that in the early days of Lexus, sales management and desk processes were quite weak. Once the initial demand wore off, sales languished. Brian Finnegan was the guy who came in to help design more assertive sales, sales management and closing processes. He taught them and helped implement them in stores for more than two years. His work helped institutionalize good sales fundamentals that turned things around.
— Gary Marcotte Lexus Corporate (1989-1996) AutoNation VP/SVP (1998-2011)

The Concept

In todays car business, we’ve spent millions of dollars on digital infrastructure to bring our customers to the showroom via the internet with a specific car in mind, but that is only half that battle.

Sales staff competence has mirrored this shift, with most being experts in the technology, but amateurs when it comes to the interpersonal dynamic.

Advanced Dealer Concepts brings the foundational aspects of sales training back in order to reduce turnover, increase customer satisfaction and optimize sales revenue.



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Decreased turnover

Dealers have joked for years that their sales force has 1/3 producers, 1/3 order takers and 1/3 who won’t be here for long. In the environment of reduced margins and escalating expenses this is no longer sustainable. The long term success of any dealership will be closely tied to their ability to hire, train and develop people. As Dealers and managers, it is our responsibility to provide our younger or less experienced salespeople with all the training and all the tools they are going to need in order to grow with us. This training will increase their odds of succeeding with us.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Salespeople and Managers think customer satisfaction is a score. More importantly from the ownership perspective, it’s the key to advocacy and our future marketing efforts. Don’t let inexperienced salespeople practice on your customers. Our training and role playing will focus on building the relationships as well as increasing sales.

Maximized sales and gross profits

Most dealerships rely on the top half of their salespeople to produce the great majority of their volume and gross. Most lost sales and revenue come from the bottom half or bottom third of your staff.  Better execution of good selling process combined with better relationship building will put your managers in a stronger position to affect each and every opportunity.

Brian has come up through the ranks of the retail automotive industry and as so, employees respect and appreciate his management style. Under his leadership, our sales in both variable and fixed operations have increased and our expenses have gone steadily down. He has the people skills, the experience and the technical knowledge to guide any size dealership
— Dan Dagesse - Chief Executive Officer/OwnerAutohaus Pompano
Brian Finnegan was employed as general manager of Johnson Lexus of Raleigh. During his tenure our market penetration as a percent of the luxury vehicle market in our primary market area went from 21.4%, ranking us 13th in the southern area, to 38.3% ranking us in 1st place.
— Richard A. Nimphie - Chief Operating Officer - Johnson Automotive - Raleigh, North Carolina

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